Masking Mandate in Ontario to be Lifted on March 21

The Ontario Government has announced that effective March 21, 2022 asking requirements will no longer be in effect in most places, including schools, subject to limited exceptions such as public transit, health care settings, long-term care home and congregate care settings. All remaining regulatory requirements for businesses, such as passive screening and safety plans, will also come to an end on March 21, 2022. Individual employers have the authority to keep masking and screening requirements in place.

Directive 6, which requires public hospitals, home care and community services providers organizations and other covered organizations to implement vaccination policies, will be revoked effective March 14, 2022.

The Ontario Government has also announced that all remaining measures and requirements, including masking requirements in all remaining settings, will end April 27, 2022.

We will continue to monitor developments related to Ontario’s reopening plan and will post further updates as information becomes available. If you have questions about your rights and obligations as an employer in managing your operation, please contact your regular lawyer at Rae Christen Jeffries LLP.


Carla Black